Who? What? Where? Why? When?

koko porukka

Photograph: Pertti Neuvonen

We are a group of 18 young journalism students with a common interest towards humanitarian journalism. Now we’re going to Kenya.

At the end 2014 a Finnish foreign journalist Rauli Virtanen was chosen as the next visiting professor of the journalism department at the University of Tampere. Not long after that he said in a television interview that he would like to take the students to Africa.

From that point on it was clear to all of us, that we wanted to be a part of this exceptional journey.

Here in our blog you can follow us during our two-week trip to Kenya and Uganda. We want to share unforgettable moments as well as small catches concerning the everyday life in Nairobi and in other parts of Kenya. We’ll keep you updated with pictures and short stories from our adventure.

This is not a holiday! Our group will arrive in busy Nairobi on the morning of March 30th. We’ll spend four days in Nairobi where we’ll visit the Kibera slum as well as the city centre. On Sunday April 3th we’ll divide into three groups to go on field trips for five days. But don’t worry, we’ll keep posting through the whole journey!


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