Let it rain?

WP_20160404_008In the Marsabit county in Northern Kenya some grassing fields have turned into rocky fields.

Text & Photograph: Veera Tegelberg

The rainy season started suddenly. After a hot day little drops began to hit our car’s windows. According to our driver Shaban, they were the first drops in Nairobi after the beginning of December.

Drops bring luck. Five years ago a harsh drought was mangling Kenya and some other East African countries, for example Ethiopia and Somalia. The previous rainy season was a disappointment in some areas. It has been now afraid that if this season won’t bring any relief, a humanitarian crisis will come true on some unstable parts of the country. The situation is already tricky for people living in arid areas, like Northern Kenya, where most of the people are herders. If the cattle dies, it means a catastrophe for them.

Even though most people seems to be looking forward to the rain, rain doesn’t always bring only happiness. It brings also floods. Especially in urban areas some houses are built nearby rivers, because of the lack of space and water. For example in Kibera, the second biggest slum in Africa, some of the houses got damaged on last Thursday after the first rain. On Friday morning we met brothers whose house’s foundation was partly swiped away.

The long waited season can be both a blessing or a curse.


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